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Working Groups

Quantum Computation & Simulation
Quantum & Classical software

Management & Coordination

Quantum interfaces& Networks
Education, Dissemination & Tecnological transfer

Working Groups 1

Management & Coordination

It is responsible for the overall and daily activities of the QCSC, in particular, the organization of the board meetings, of the administrative tasks, to ensure a smooth communication between the governing bodies, the working groups, and the User Community. It acts also as the interface with external bodies, and it is responsible to foster and develop new lines of action and partnerships.

Working Groups 2

Quantum Computation & Simulation

It is responsible for the acquisition, installation and running of the quantum computer. It coordinates the efforts of the technical staff, it is responsible for preparing the spaces where the WCRI will be installed, for its maintenance and for every other action necessary for maintaining a working and efficient WCRI.

Working Groups 3

Quantum & Classical software

It is responsible for the organization and coordination of the QCSC activities, mainly related to the activities via classical and quantum software to be run on the quantum computer.

It organizes the calls for the usage of the quantum hardware, decides the schedule and the priorities of the quantum computer usage.

We plan to having different calls for the quantum computer usage, such as Pilot projects, Production projects, Experimental projects (Hardware and Software) that has to be properly scheduled to balance the time among the partners and maximizing the quantum computer usage and output, also according to each partners co-funding commitment.

Working Groups 4

Quantum interfaces & Networks

It is responsible for the most advanced use of the quantum computer, aiming at extending its capabilities, exploring new features, collaborating with the developers and vendor to produce novel ideas and possibly novel forefront research in the field.

It encompasses the software and hardware exploration activities aiming at improving the hardware, interfacing it with other quantum technologies, the improvement of the control software, etc. It coordinates and supports the proposals for experimental projects to be submitted to the working group 2.

Working Groups 5

Education, Dissemination & Tecnological transfer

It is responsible for all communication activities of the competence center, for its external relations, the organization of meetings, didactical activities, interaction with industries and partners.